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The Darkest Night is an exchange fest celebrating dark themes in fanworks. Any fandom is allowed, including five-minute fandoms and Original Work. Fic and art are both welcome; the minimum word count is 500 words, and art must be a good sketch on unlined paper.

Check out the schedule and FAQ for more info!

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Signal boosting in order to find pinch hitters for one Outstanding and one New Pinch Hit for My Old Fandom gift exchange. Please spread the word, if have a journal or a tumblr account and you're willing to help us out, any help is heartily appreciated. ❤
First, some info: [community profile] myoldfandom is an ongoing fanfic & art exchange for old fandoms where canon has been closed for more than ten years. For the purposes of the 2016 round, that means there must have been no more new canon material produced after December 31. The gift exchange runs from April 1st to June 10th. The unclaimed pinch hits are due on June 16th, though. FAQs about the exchange at MyOldFandom AO3 collection
How to request the pinch hit: please comment here or here with your AO3 name The minimum length of the fanwork: fanfiction of 1,000 words The due date for the fanwork: June 16 Preview of the Pinch Hit requests: Outstanding Pinch Hit #1: Jake and the Fatman, Nash Bridges, Magnum PI, The Gangster Chronicles ) Pinch Hit #9: Coot Club, Dear Ladies, 100 Dalmatians, The Persuaders, Terrahawks )
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Over at [community profile] everywoman , my other exchange, I am looking for a few pinch hitters.
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Seeing Color is a new exchange for chromatic characters and their relationships.

Nominations are still going on.
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A Valentine's Day exchange in the same vein as Trick or Treat is just getting started. If you want something like Trick or Treat but focused on relationships (both romantic and platonic) then check it out.

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The creators are now revealed. 


Sadly, this year’s community challenge was not successfully completed.  I do have to say that you all did a fabulous job in your attempt to accomplish.  There were a lot of extra gifts made.


There will be a few changes next year:

1.       I feel that 8 fandoms and 8 characters was a bit too much.  So we are going to try 6 and 6 next year.  I think that might be a bit closer to an ideal number for this exchange.

2.       The following fandoms are no longer allowed to be nominated and will be rejected: The Lord of the Rings – All Media Types, The Hobbit – All Media Types, TOLKIEN J. R. R. - Works & Related Fandoms.  I’m not saying you can’t nominate LoTR or the Hobbit, just that you can’t use all media types or group all of Tolkien’s works under one fandom.  You can give permission for your creator to draw on other versions in your requests.

3.       I am going to have to add to the rules.  Breaking these rules will result in a ban from the next round:

a.       Plagiarism

b.      Deleting the gift for your assigned recipient after the due date


On happier news, I now have a roof! Carpeting is coming next.


Next year’s community challenge has already been decided and it will be different from the past two. 


Please post all comments, criticisms and concerns on this post.


Nominations open September 1st.

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Four of the pinch hitters haven't posted yet.  So opening is being delayed to 2359 Zulu.  The people who haven't had their official gift posted are: DreadlordTally, Pameluke, snack_size, taichara.  If the pinch hitters haven't posted by then I will consider opening only if all four have extra gifts that meet the minimum for gifts.

For the community challenge, I won't have time to update the sheet for awhile.  But you have until the reveals date to get those in.

Pinch Hits

Oct. 25th, 2015 02:12 am
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It is past the due date.  If you didn't get your gift in on time then you have been defaulted.  All people that had their assigned giver default, and who gave a gift, have been sent to the pinch hit list even if they have an extra gift waiting for them.  Here are the pinch hits.

For extra treats I will leave the collection open indefinitely.  I will only count them for the community challenge up until creator reveals.  I will get the spreadsheet updated in about twenty-four hours.

Due today

Oct. 24th, 2015 03:02 am
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Your gifts are due today.


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There is just under two weeks left until the deadline.

Also, here is the spreadsheet I have to keep track of who has two gifts. Yes, it was me all along.
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Last year the community challenge was to make a number of gifts equal to 1.5 times the participants. You guys made so many gifts that they were double the number of participants. That was originally going to be this year's challenge. Obviously since you guys did it last I can't use it exactly this year.

So, this year's community challenge is for every participant that gives a gift to receive two gifts. Length does not matter. I do not count as a participant, so no need to gift anything to me.
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In the off chance anyone was wondering, assignments are out now. If there are any issues please contact me ASAP. We also still have three unclaimed pinch hits.

Edit: Community Challenge will be coming within the next day or so. I'm just a little tired right now.
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Matching went very well. I have only had to contact one person and there should be only six pinch hits to start with. I have decided to reveal sign up a bit early.

Edit: Initial pinch hits have been posted to the Google Group. To claim them you can PM me, email me at halloweenmod@gmail.com, or comment on this post. If you are unsure because you don't know what your assignment is then contact me through the email or PM option and I will tell you who you are matched to so you can check it out.
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Sign ups are closed. Matching is now running. For any emails I send out you have 36 hours to reply.

I will be posting the community challenge when I send out assignments.
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For those that haven't checked the dates on the collection, the sign up period was extended to 23:59 Zulu time on the 21st.

Why Zulu time? Because it I find it very satisfying to say.
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Funny story, I was all ready to have everything open and then AO3 kept giving me errors every time I tried to open sign-ups. Some language may have been uttered that was inappropriate for trick-or-treater ears.

Sign-Up Here!
| Sign-Up Summary | Tagset

LJ Letters | DW Letters

Please, remember that while Do Not Wants are to be respected, you can not ask the person assigned to you not to give you a trick/treat. However, you can guide them to one that you would enjoy. For example, a fic where a child character has a nightmare would be a valid trick gift. A father werewolf and daughter werewolf bonding while hunting pitiful human prey would be a valid treat. You can also make it ambiguous or have elements of both.

I do have some sad news to share. Morbane has escaped. It appears that they made a rope using discarded Halloween candy wrappers. They then used it to climb out the hole in the roof. Then Morbane leapt off the roof and onto the saddle of a dire kiwi. The last thing I heard was a cry of "Viva la Yuletide!"
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You can post links to your letters here. Include your AO3 name and the fandoms.

Here is a spreadsheet.  I am not the one maintaining the spreadsheet.  For any issues contact [personal profile] daken . 

Liverjournal post is here.

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I believe the issues with MCU have been resolved.  Sign ups should start in the next twenty-four hours.  Thank you for everyone's patience. 

I have read all messages regarding corrections and they will be done before sign ups open. 
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I don't know what is wrong.  I've run many exchanges, not just under this name.  I've never had so many issues in the past.  I went through almost the entire MCU section, I had figured out how I wanted to sort them out and everything.  I hit submit and they're all gone.  Even things that I hadn't accepted or rejected are gone.  Only a small handful of tags remain from it.  I've never had anything like this happen before.  I'm worried that tags from Silmarillion were lost as well (did you know 20 accounts nominated it).

Everything was almost done too.  All that was left was MCU, Tolkein, Dragon Age and a few odds and ends.  Then I just would have had to do the fixes and we'd be ready to go.

If you nominated something under MCU and it isn't showing up under any of the other related fandoms like then please post here with your characters.  If you nominated Silmarillion please post if all your characters are in the tagset.
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