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Sign-ups are open over here.

Tagset | Sign-up Summary

DW Letter Post | LJ Letter Post

I have extended sign-ups by an additional twelve hours. They now end at 11:59 Zulu on the 19th. I use the 24 hour clock so that is in the morning.

I have a few small final tag issues.

Eline Carien, Pelim Felicita, Sandwalker Jannik - They became unassociated. Where do they go?

The following have wandered into Original Work: Richard Adams, Ruby Carter, Yaƫl. If these are you are knowledgeable about these characters then comment.

Anyone know about where The Author showing up in Portal came from?
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And Sign-ups are now closed. We have a total of 169 accounts participating. Requests have been revealed and the collection is now open for gifts (for those that already started). Due to the amount of participants pinch hits will be done by google groups. Details for that to come later.

Keep an eye out on your email accounts. If there is no one that can you can make a gift for I will be sending an email which you will have 24 hours to respond to or you may be deleted from the exchange.
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Sign-ups are now open. It took longer than expected to finish up the tag set.

Sign-ups will be revealed once they close.

Each request is one fandom, one to ten characters and one or two mediums. The matching is OR based, so while you might request two characters the person assigned to you might only match on one of them. Fandoms can not repeat between requests.

You can include general information about fandoms, likes, dislikes, suggestions for trick and treats. For things that you do not want to see in any circumstances at all please include a clearly marked "Do Not Want" section.

The only things your giver has to abide by are fandom, character, medium and Do Not Wants. Everything else is optional details are optional.

Each offer is one fandom, two to ten characters and one to two mediums. The matching is OR based, so you only have to make a gift with one of the requested characters. If a fandom only has one character then just select "Any".


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