Date: 2016-09-03 02:53 pm (UTC)
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For Chinese Mythology, Ch'ing-nü | Qing Nü is an (admittedly obscure) goddess of frost and snow. She's pretty much impossible to google, what with there being no agreed upon translation of her title (seriously - translators seem to pick one of dark, blue, green, grey or fortunate and one of maid, lady, girl, woman or goddess, and every single translator picks a different pair). But you can find references to her below:
Poem by Du Fu, scroll down fro Autumn Fields No. 4, and accompanying note.
Yang Yi's poem on the peach tree, and accompanying description in The Literary Works of Ou-yang Hsui (1007-72) by Ronald C. Egan
Wucai cup inscribed with a poem by Luoyin
Poem by Hanshan, scroll down for No. 115 and accompanying note.
Poem by Qian Qianyi

Liáo zhāi zhì yì | Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio - Pú Sōnglíng is exactly the same nomination as last year, so I assume there's nothing else I need to say about it? Unless the desired formatting has changed this year?

Youth on Horseback - Anton Pieck is a piece of artwork, which can be found here.

I promise my other three nominations are not at all obscure, and indeed are already approved! (In my defense, other people have not only written for Strange Tales, but even occasionally requested it, so it's not quite a fandom of one anymore.)
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