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Last year the community challenge was to make a number of gifts equal to 1.5 times the participants. You guys made so many gifts that they were double the number of participants. That was originally going to be this year's challenge. Obviously since you guys did it last I can't use it exactly this year.

So, this year's community challenge is for every participant that gives a gift to receive two gifts. Length does not matter. I do not count as a participant, so no need to gift anything to me.
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You can post links to your letters here. Include your AO3 name and the fandoms.

Here is a spreadsheet.  I am not the one maintaining the spreadsheet.  For any issues contact [personal profile] daken . 

Liverjournal post is here.

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I'm bored. Nominations are open now. They will close at the normal time.

Nominations are open!

You can nominate eight fandoms and eight characters from each. Nominations will be open until Tuesday September 8, 23:59 Zulu time.

All traditional fandoms are eligible. RPF has a few special rules that you can read about in the faq. Fanworks as fandoms will be determined on a case by case basis.

Comment on this post about your thoughts on allowing videos and podfics. Please include if you would request or offer either.
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2015 Schedule
Sept 1 – Nominations Open
Sept 8 – Nominations Close
Sept 11 – Sign-Ups Open
Sept 18 – Sign-Ups Close
October 24 – Assignments Due
October 31 – Reveals
November 7 – Author Reveals
November 8 – Kidnap the Yuletide Mods

The faq is here.


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