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The works have been revealed.

Not only was the community challenge completed, but you hit 200%! Congrats everyone!

Have some music to listen to while reading/viewing.

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There are four more pinch hits. If they are not filled by the time for reveals I will consider counting treats for them if they have treats that meet the minimum requirements for the main gift. If they don’t have gifts or treats that could count as gifts the opening will be delayed.

Some people have submitted gifts to the collection trickortreat. This is not the correct collection. They must be in trickortreat2014. To change the collection your work is in go to your Works page and then click Edit Works. You can find everything you have submitted to AO3 there including things in unrevealed collections.

EDIT: All claimed. Thanks everyone.

Time's Up

Oct. 24th, 2014 07:46 pm
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The due date has passed and all open assignments have been marked as defaulted. If you are one of the late individuals you can still add your gift to the collection manually. You can claim a pinch hit by emailing me, PMing me, or commenting on this post. Include your AO3 name.

The pinch hit list.

Pinch hits are due at 23:59 UST 29 October.
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There are three more pinch hits. These will be the last pinch hits before the due date in one week at at 23:59 UST on the 24th. Here is a countdown clock.

No extensions will be granted.
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Two new pinch hits for this Friday. To claim them you can reply to the email, PM me, email me at halloweenmod@gmail.com, or comment on this post. Include your AO3 screenname when claiming.
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There is only one pinch hit for this Friday. To claim it please email me at halloweenmod@gmail.com or private message me. Please, include your AO3 screenname when you claim it. Do not comment on this post to claim.

I was thinking of having a challenge for the community in terms of making gifts. So, the community challenge is to make a total of 255 gifts between everyone combined. This includes assignments, pinch hits and extra gifts. If half the accounts in the exchange made one extra gift it would hit 255. This is not something required, this is just for fun. While it would be fun to have a prize for the community, I don’t have many ideas. So, if you want the community challenge to have a prize, please suggest it on this post.
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All assignments have been sent. If you haven't received yours then check your junk mail. If it isn't there you can also check on AO3 to see if it is in your My Assignments tab.

If there are any issues with your assignment then please contact me ASAP.
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Matching went beautifully. We only have a single pinch hit which needs to be claimed before assignments can go out.

Pinch Hits

Once this is claimed and assignments have gone out Pinch Hits will be sent out once a week around Friday. If you want to claim this pinch hit then please comment on this post, PM me, or e-mail me with your AO3 name. You do not need to be signed up to claim a Pinch Hit.
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And Sign-ups are now closed. We have a total of 169 accounts participating. Requests have been revealed and the collection is now open for gifts (for those that already started). Due to the amount of participants pinch hits will be done by google groups. Details for that to come later.

Keep an eye out on your email accounts. If there is no one that can you can make a gift for I will be sending an email which you will have 24 hours to respond to or you may be deleted from the exchange.


Sep. 14th, 2014 08:52 pm
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Post links to letters in the comments. Please include your AO3 screenname and fandoms in the comment.

Spreedsheet of letters
[personal profile] darken has started a spreedsheet to keep track of the letters and is sorted by fandoms.  If anyone else wants editing access just drop them a line.
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Sign-ups are now open. It took longer than expected to finish up the tag set.

Sign-ups will be revealed once they close.

Each request is one fandom, one to ten characters and one or two mediums. The matching is OR based, so while you might request two characters the person assigned to you might only match on one of them. Fandoms can not repeat between requests.

You can include general information about fandoms, likes, dislikes, suggestions for trick and treats. For things that you do not want to see in any circumstances at all please include a clearly marked "Do Not Want" section.

The only things your giver has to abide by are fandom, character, medium and Do Not Wants. Everything else is optional details are optional.

Each offer is one fandom, two to ten characters and one to two mediums. The matching is OR based, so you only have to make a gift with one of the requested characters. If a fandom only has one character then just select "Any".
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The tag set is now closed.
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Fandoms Currently Accepted: 415
Fandoms Waiting: 17
Nominations End: Sunday 23:00 UTC
Sign-up Opens: Monday 00:01 UTC

There will be sign up directions when it opens. If you want to get to work on your letters and such you can make 3-10 requests, one fandom per request, 1-10 characters, and art/fic. Matching for characters is OR based, so they only need to match one character to be potentially be assigned. You can include ideas and suggestions for both tricks and treats. You can also include a very clearly marked "Do Not Want" section for things that would not be fun for you to receive. The "Do Not Want" section is not for trying to force your writer/artist into a corner or to make sure they can only make you a trick or a treat.

Fargo (2014)
Gretta James - Did you mean Greta Grimly?

Freaks (1932)
Elvira Snow AKA Pinhead Zip - Everything I've looked up says that it should just be Pinhead Zip
Jenny Lee Snow AKA Pinhead Pip - Everything I've looked up says that it should just be Pinhead Pip

House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski
No characters have been nominated. Will not accept unless there is a character or something like World Building (House of Leaves)

James Bond (Craig movies)
Alec Trevelyan - Doesn't seem to exist in the Craig movies. Will probably accept it as Original 00 Agent.

Les Misérables (2012)
No serious issues. Just not ready to deal with disambiguating and tag migration

Marathon (Computer Games)
F'tha - Can't find anything about this character

Mercy Thompson Series - Patricia Briggs
Having trouble confirming characters

Monster Loves You
Having trouble confirming characters

No Flying in the House - Betty Brock
Beatrice Cox - Can't find anything about this character

Sherlock (TV)
Hamish Watson-Holmes - Doesn't seem to exist. Will probably accept it as Original Child Character.

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies)
Mirror Carol Marcus - Mirror universe doesn't seem to exist in AOS. Will probably reject.
Mirror Nyota Uhura - Mirror universe doesn't seem to exist in AOS. Will probably reject.

Star Wars
Have to go back and better disambiguate the already accepted stuff before accepting the rest to prevent tag migration

The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings
Waiting and seeing. Right now all the Hobbit nominations are All Media Types and Lord of the Rings is book universe.

X-Men Movies
Disambiguating characters
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Fandoms Currently Accepted: 233

Fandoms Waiting: 123

Next State of the Tag Set Update: Thursday or Friday


Buffy & Angel

I had a request to combine these into one fandom, so I will be putting nominations for both under “Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Related Fandoms”.  If this is a major issue with this then I will separate them back out.

Hobbit/Lord of the Rings

There are a bunch of nominations both for book verse and for all media types.   I am still deciding how to accept these.

Marvel Comics

There are a bunch of nominations for Marvel 616, individual titles and I believe one for Marvel overall.  I’ll accept them individually with changes to character tags to prevent migration.  If you want them folded together then just drop a line.

Marvel Movies

I’m leaving Agents of Shields separated from Marvel Cinematic Universe.  I have two nominations for Captain America movies separate.  Would it be alright to throw those into MCU?

No Flying in the House - Betty Brock

Beatrice Cox – Google is not helping with this character.  Just a quick confirmation that they exist and this spelling is correct would be helpful.

Sherlock (TV)

Hamish Watson-Holmes – I can’t find them in any version of Sherlock Holmes.  Who is this?  Is it an OC?  If it is then would it be okay to change it to “Original Child of John & Sherlock”?

X-Men Movies

I have nominations for X-Men Movies, First Class and Days of Future Past.  For the moment I am accepting them as separate fandoms and just modifying the character tags so they don’t travel between.  Would it be alright if I combined them into multiple fandoms, maybe adding things like indicating past or present version of characters that like Charles and Erik.


Sep. 7th, 2014 08:34 pm
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Nominations are open!

You can nominate four fandoms and four characters from each.  This is a total of sixteen possible characters.  Nominations will be open until Sunday 14, 10:00 UTC.

All traditional fandoms are eligible.  RPF has a few special rules that you can read about in the faq.  Fanworks as fandoms will be determined on a case by case basis.


Sep. 7th, 2014 08:27 pm
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General Exchange Faq by [personal profile] bridgetmkennitt

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Other questions? Ask them here.

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