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All pinch hits will be posted to this group.  As well as put in the comments of this post.  You can email me at halloweenmod@gmail.com, comment on this post, PM me, or contact me any other way you can to claim.  Make sure you include your AO3 account name.  You don't need to be signed up to claim.


Oct. 24th, 2016 08:44 pm
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The deadline has passed.  All regular assignments have been defaulted on and pinch hits have been sent out. 

You can check out the people needing gifts here.  Some of these individuals already have gifts by someone other then the person assigned to them.  If they match the minimum requirements for gifts I will consider them filled when it comes time for reveals.  Gifts only need to be 300 words or a nice sketch.

You can claim by commenting on this post, emailing me, messaging me, or any other method you can use.

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Here is the pinch hit list.

To claim a pinch hit contact me any way you desire.  Make sure you include your AO3 screenname and the AO3 name of the pinch hit you want to claim.  Comments on this post will be screened.

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There are four more pinch hits. If they are not filled by the time for reveals I will consider counting treats for them if they have treats that meet the minimum requirements for the main gift. If they don’t have gifts or treats that could count as gifts the opening will be delayed.

Some people have submitted gifts to the collection trickortreat. This is not the correct collection. They must be in trickortreat2014. To change the collection your work is in go to your Works page and then click Edit Works. You can find everything you have submitted to AO3 there including things in unrevealed collections.

EDIT: All claimed. Thanks everyone.

Time's Up

Oct. 24th, 2014 07:46 pm
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The due date has passed and all open assignments have been marked as defaulted. If you are one of the late individuals you can still add your gift to the collection manually. You can claim a pinch hit by emailing me, PMing me, or commenting on this post. Include your AO3 name.

The pinch hit list.

Pinch hits are due at 23:59 UST 29 October.
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There are three more pinch hits. These will be the last pinch hits before the due date in one week at at 23:59 UST on the 24th. Here is a countdown clock.

No extensions will be granted.
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Two new pinch hits for this Friday. To claim them you can reply to the email, PM me, email me at halloweenmod@gmail.com, or comment on this post. Include your AO3 screenname when claiming.
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There is only one pinch hit for this Friday. To claim it please email me at halloweenmod@gmail.com or private message me. Please, include your AO3 screenname when you claim it. Do not comment on this post to claim.

I was thinking of having a challenge for the community in terms of making gifts. So, the community challenge is to make a total of 255 gifts between everyone combined. This includes assignments, pinch hits and extra gifts. If half the accounts in the exchange made one extra gift it would hit 255. This is not something required, this is just for fun. While it would be fun to have a prize for the community, I don’t have many ideas. So, if you want the community challenge to have a prize, please suggest it on this post.
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Matching went beautifully. We only have a single pinch hit which needs to be claimed before assignments can go out.

Pinch Hits

Once this is claimed and assignments have gone out Pinch Hits will be sent out once a week around Friday. If you want to claim this pinch hit then please comment on this post, PM me, or e-mail me with your AO3 name. You do not need to be signed up to claim a Pinch Hit.


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