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Happy Halloween!

Chocolate Box and Monster Mash challenges have both been completed.  I will have to do a formal count later today but it looks like the general challenge has also been completed.

Big thank you to Morbane for stepping in and helping out.  She was keeping me informed on what was going on.

Thank you for the well wishes.  The event that caused me to disappear has not been resolved yet and will likely last for several more months, but the situation has improved.  I feel so drained that I don't even want to "joke" about kidnapping Morbane (but seriously did one you have to run a GoFundMe to pay for the exorcism).
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Hello. The time approaches. I mean... the time of works reveal... draws near.

Please forgive me. I'm a little confused. I'm not sure what I'm doing here. I'm sure everything is fine. There are no new pinch hits to claim. Some pinch hitters are still working. I believe in them. Nothing will go wrong.

Some people posting works are also a little confused. Please don't post to the "parent" collection of the Trick or Treat exchange. The correct exchange to post to is Trick or Treat 2016. Here is a link you can use for posting, though you will also need to add the recipient. And all the other stuff. Titles. Etc.

Here are some people who could use extra gifts, maybe. And the requests are on the next tab. You can search it.

You don't have to use the Post to Collection link on the collection. You can post a new work, copy trickortreatex2016 into the field with the label "Post to Collections / Challenges", then press enter/tab/comma so that trickortreatex2016 is selected. It doesn't have to autocomplete. It's right.

I think it's right.

Is this how you mod? I think so. I can't remember all the time. It's familiar, but not.

When I look in the mirror something seems different... But orange has always been one of my favourite colours. And black goes with everything. It must be all right.

I found a note. I'm not sure if I wrote it, or someone wrote it to me. Or maybe it's neither. It says "Thank you for the good wishes," anyway.
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I have had an emergency in the real world.  Morbane has graciously agreed to help keep an eye on the exchange for a few days so that I can concentrate on it without having to worry about it. 

For the immediate future Morbane may act as a moderator for this exchange.  The halloweenmod@gmail.com account has been set to forward to her personal email.  If you email me then you may get a response from her. 


Oct. 24th, 2016 08:44 pm
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The deadline has passed.  All regular assignments have been defaulted on and pinch hits have been sent out. 

You can check out the people needing gifts here.  Some of these individuals already have gifts by someone other then the person assigned to them.  If they match the minimum requirements for gifts I will consider them filled when it comes time for reveals.  Gifts only need to be 300 words or a nice sketch.

You can claim by commenting on this post, emailing me, messaging me, or any other method you can use.

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About 578 fandoms were requested in this exchange.  A third of that is 192 fandoms.  We currently have works for 140 of them.  We're just 52 more fandoms away from meeting the general community challenge.  You can check out a list of fandoms that don’t have any works over here.


For the Chocolate Box Challenge we have 49 works tagged.  Almost half way there to the goal of 100 works focusing on relationships.


Monster Mash isn’t doing as well as the other challenges.  Only 26 works have been tagged.  Getting 74 more works before Halloween is doable.

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All regular assignments are due on October 24th at 23:59 Zulu time.

At that time I will default all regular assignments.  I will not be defaulting any pinch hits regardless of when they were claimed.  I will be sending an email to all the pinch hitters to check on their progress.

Some of the pinch hits do have extra gifts that fit the requirements of a gift.  I will still send them out as pinch hits but if no one claims them I will consider it filled when it is time for the collection to open.

Beta Help

Oct. 5th, 2016 03:05 am
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If you are looking for a beta or want to beta then post here or on the LJ version.
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All assignments are sent, the pinch hits are posted, and the requests are revealed.  If you have a letter make sure it is unlocked and finished.  If you have any questions to pass on to your recipients, messages to send to your creator, Morbane's GPS coordinates, or any issue with your assignment email me at halloweenmod@gmail.com. 
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Here is the pinch hit list.

To claim a pinch hit contact me any way you desire.  Make sure you include your AO3 screenname and the AO3 name of the pinch hit you want to claim.  Comments on this post will be screened.

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Sign-ups have closed. I will reveal them sometime between generating assignments and assignments going out.

We have a few more sign-ups than last year. Either we have some more participants or more socks.
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Sign-ups are open over here.

Tagset | Sign-up Summary

DW Letter Post | LJ Letter Post

I have extended sign-ups by an additional twelve hours. They now end at 11:59 Zulu on the 19th. I use the 24 hour clock so that is in the morning.

I have a few small final tag issues.

Eline Carien, Pelim Felicita, Sandwalker Jannik - They became unassociated. Where do they go?

The following have wandered into Original Work: Richard Adams, Ruby Carter, Yaƫl. If these are you are knowledgeable about these characters then comment.

Anyone know about where The Author showing up in Portal came from?
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Post links to your letters here. Make sure to include your AO3 screenname.

Unofficial letter spreadsheet being maintained by [personal profile] daken .  Contact them for any issues or concerns.
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All of these are optional and just for fun.  I wanted to try some more specific challenges, but kept a general one that anyone can participate in.

1. General Challenge – This year’s general challenge is to have at least one work for a third of all the requested fandoms.
2. Trick Challenge – For the trick challenge the goal is to create 100 gifts involving monsters. These can be traditional monsters, human monsters, monsters specific to the canon, and original monsters. You may include magic using humans as monsters if you feel it fits. Any gifts created for the Trick challenge should be tagged as ToT: Monster Mash
3. Treat Challenge – In honor of gaining a sibling exchange, the treat challenge is to create 100 gifts involving relationships. These can be romantic or platonic, healthy, unhealthy, between any gender combination. Any gifts created for the Treat challenge should be tagged as ToT: Chocolate Box.

While the Trick Challenge and the Treat Challenge were created with Tricks and Treats in mind they do not have to match. You can do a Trick that is also part of the Treat Challenge and vice versa.
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You can nominate six fandoms and six characters from each. Last year's eight and eight was a little too overwhelming for me.  Nominations will be open until Tuesday September 8, 23:59 Zulu time.

All traditional fandoms are eligible. RPF has a few special rules that you can read about in the faq. Fanworks as fandoms will be determined on a case by case basis.

Groups will not be accepted. 

If you want any specific fandom handled a certain way or differently from how I've listed then comment.

Read more... )
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2015 Schedule
Sept 1 – Nominations Open
Sept 8 – Nominations Close
Sept 11 – Sign-Ups Open
Sept 18 – Sign-Ups Close
October 24 – Assignments Due
October 31 – Reveals
November 7 – Author Reveals
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